Extract value from your data

Our artificial intelligence solutions provide actionable insights to data-heavy industries.
We excel in unlocking value from massive, unstructured datasets.

Use Cases

Text and Numerical Data

We love working with teams looking to increase operational efficiencies and save time on tasks generally completed manually, or not explored at all.

Document Review

In almost every industry, there is an element of manual document review. Uncover key phrases instantly from thousands of pages or documents.

Data Extraction

Whether it’s old invoices, purchase orders, forms or standard agreements – tabulating key data from these files can be a painful manual task for humans, but simple for machines.

Sentiment Analysis

Quickly determine the emotional tone of social data, so you can uncover whether the public or your customers are reacting positively or negatively to a specific topic or campaign.


Areas of Expertise

We are a technology company that specializes in applying Artificial Intelligence to help our clients extract value while saving time and money.

Real Estate

Realtors, mortgage brokers, property managers, insurers and homeowners use our due diligence solutions to instantly understand any financial or building issues occurring in a condo community.

Medical + Health

We partner with scientific teams and develop AI-powered solutions to help combat public health emergencies. We are currently developing a smartphone colorimetric scanner to enable at-home COVID-19 testing.

Mining & Energy

Our solutions help companies extract valuable insights from vast quantities of unstructured exploration data.

Your Business

You know what your pain points are. Tell us and we’ll help you apply AI to extract what matters from large datasets in your industry.

OctoAI powers:

Eli Report


Automated condo document review platform

Eli helps you review condo documents

Instantly extracting critical due diligence information from condo and strata documents for real estate professionals and home owners.



Hundreds of pages reviewed instantly, with key issues, restrictions and benchmarks displayed in an easy to digest report.


To The Point

Distilling critical information quickly so homeowners and buyers make more informed decisions.

Medical + Health


Developing solutions to combat this public health emergency

Colorimetric Smartphone Scanner

We are developing the first AI-powered smartphone application specifically designed to enable at-home testing of a saliva sample for the SARS-CoV-2 virus.


Rapid, Less Envasive

Results to be delivered in under 30 minutes, and do not require uncomfortable nasal or blood samples.


Powered by AI

Computer vision will enable accurate colorimetric analysis, allowing for easier detection of a potentially contaminated sample which may lead to false results.

Large Datasets

Data Extraction

We help you extract actionable information from unstructured documents or data, uncovering valuable insights. Whether it’s an image, scanned file, a PDF, or text file, we can build a solution.

Step 1

We take in sample documents and define the information you want to extract.

Step 2

We train AI so it learns to extract the information you need in an economical and automatic way.

Step 3

We process all your documents and deliver a CSV or any format you need.

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We build artificial intelligence solutions to unlock value from massive, unstructured datasets.


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